Mother Gaia
  • Mother Gaia

    This fine art pigment ink print on 100% cotton rag archival paper is an original watercolour painting by Dharshi de Silva. Mother Gaia meaning Mother Earth is not a severe disciplinary. She believes that to be disciplined means that you are forced to do something against your will sometimes. Mother Earth changes her mind all the time, sometimes she is in a playful mood and prefers to forget about her responsibilities, but she is never far from bringing order to the chaos when she is done with frivolity. She takes her responsibilities seriously, never far from her post but indulges her children she does not! Mother Earth believes a little bit of "controlled neglect" makes her children go out and explore, become stronger and more independent;  although she gives without conditions, she is never afraid to withdraw her affections and the flow of abundance towards them when she is dismissed, abused or disrespected by them. Dharshi more to say about this painting & the subject of parenting, if you interested in reading more, please subscribe to Dharshi's blog here.


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