Field of Light
  • Field of Light

    This is a fine art pigment ink print on 100% cotton rag, 310 gsm archival paper of an original watercolour painting by Dharshi de Silva. What if there is a field of light that if we should you step into it, you are immediately guaranteed an expanded state of consciousness, a life beyond pain and suffering, would you not take that step? Then what if the stepping into that field of light was an inward journey and not an outward action? The kingdom of heaven is within you is what Jesus said to his followers.  What if then, the Kingdom of Heaven is a place within us that we could experience as a collective group called humanity right here on Earth? What if there is a possibility that this kingdom of heaven is a field of light that all beings could have access to indiscriminate of their religious beliefs? If this is a place that we could conjure up with intentionality, then that place would eliminate any disagreement among religions and allow us all to have access to great happiness. 


    Quantum Physicists call this place The Unified Field of Consciousness. The seeds of the theory were laid already by Albert Einstein himself when he postulated that everything in the universe is relative and the existence of different worlds and forms and phenomena can only be accounted for in terms of relativity. David Bohm took this theory and through his work concluded that the universe is a grand cosmic hologram. From Brohm's perspective, what we see has its origins at a far deeper level of creation. Does that sound familiar? What if then, Jesus was right? The kingdom of heaven, a field of light, a unified field of consciousness which is where the seed of all exist is available to all of u? It is saying that the kingdom of heaven is within us and by that what we see in our reality is all but a fragile projection of heaven and all that it entails. I hope that this artwork does what it was created for, to remind you to find the field of light within. 


    Dharshi likes to read voraciously, listen deeply, meditate and contemplate on deeper aspects of life. From the mundane to the sublime, her joy is to share her finding with you and start conversations that can make a difference in the world for the better.  She is interested in bringing peace, joy and love to everyone who connects with her art, videos & blog.

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