• Dreamtime

    This fine art pigment ink print on 100% cotton rag archival paper is an original mixed media painting by Dharshi de Silva. The artwork shows a women's face appearing through a veil. The artwork is surreal because it has a bizarre and quirky mix of images. There are fish, a snake, Joshua trees, a dome and pineapples; images that appear unrelated could have a deeper symbolic meaning that connects them like how it does in our dreams.  


    This artwork encourages the viewer to expand their view of reality from what they consider to be 'real' to be more open to peering through the veil of reality into another dimension. Dharshi has learnt to connect into other dimensions through her dreams, transcendental meditations, hypnosis, kinesiology, sound bowls, crystals, working with earth and plants in gardening but none has been more satisfying than connecting to higher levels of consciousness than drawing and painting. 


    Those who had never dwelled into other dimensions other than the three aspects of reality which is past, present and future may find such practices a little strange or even scary. For you, the best possible practice, should you wish to improve or enhance your reality is to pay attention to your dreams. Consider keeping a sleep journal beside your bed; your dreams will reveal many things that hold you back from reaching your fullest potential as dreams reflect your sub-conscious, which according to science is the biggest driving force in our lives. If you are interested in knowing more about this painting, please subscribe to Dharshi's blog, she will soon be posting about it here.


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