Are You True or False
  • Are You True or False

    This is archival ink print of an original pencil and crushed earth-watercolour painting by Dharshi de Silva. The artwork shows a young woman holding two orbs in her hands. You may see an alikeness to Lady of Justice (next slide), who stands blindfolded, holding a set of scales. In contrast, here, this youthful women meters the balance between truth and false represented by the two orbs using only her inner intuition and wisdom rather than an external measurement such as the rule of law. Wisdom does not have to come with age or experience. Wisdom comes from a commitment to truth.  Above societies metering of moral code which can be a limiting,  close-minded & bigoted way of thinking.  


    This female is a pure and angelic being, you may notice her growing wings behind her shoulders. Unlike Lady of Justice, she is above judgement. She loves all souls on the planet unconditionally. 

    When someone does evil, she sees them suppressing their true self and only seeks to dispel their illusions with truth.

    You may like to read Dharshi's blog post on the importance of telling the truth here.


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