Number  10/11
  • Number 10/11

    This is a soft pastel on paper original artwork, number 10 in 11 of the series named 'The Dance'. It was created in honor of the Black Lives Matter 2020 civil rights movement.  I made this series to celebrate the black lives that have and still is contributing to the art of dance. 


    Number 10 is dedicated to Misty Copeland. Ballerina Misty Copeland made history as the first African American Female Principle Dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. Starting late in life to train as a ballerina , Misty took her natural talent to the ultimate level by sheer hard work and perseverance. She recalls being told as a young dancer that she didn't have the "right" body type to be a professional ballerina. Translation, she says, "It's an acceptable way to say 'you don't belong in the ballet world' without saying 'you have the wrong skin color.' She feels that a large part of her role as a public figure is to make it easier for black and brown ballerinas to break into the ballet world.



    Please note: I have colour adgusted the vibrancy of this artwork in the photo, in order for you to be able to better appreciate its details. To get a better understanding of the actual artwork please watch the video that shows its actual colouration which carries more muted tonalities.

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