Number 3/11
  • Number 3/11

    This is a soft pastel on paper original artwork, number 3 in 11 of the series named 'The Dance'. Its in honor of the Black Lives Matter 2020 civil rights movement.  I made this series to celebrate the black lives that have and still is contributing to the art of dance. Number 3 is dedicated to the one and only, the Queen of Rock and Roll, Tina Turner. Turner of course is know for her singing but no one can deny her electric performances in dance on stage. Her moves are as famous as she is! She was known to have said "if you'll stand up and go, life will open up for you". I hope that this artwork which shows a group of women in a very physically postive state would act as a reminder that each one of us have within us the power to make our own dreams come true.


    Please note: I have colour adjusted the vibrancy of this artwork in the photo, in order for you to be able to better appreciate the details of the artwork. To get a better understanding of the actual artwork please watch the video that shows its actual colouration which takes on more muted tonalities.

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