Welcome to Hoo Art Workshop. Your art guide's Name is Dharshini de Silva;  a qualified fashion designer, teacher and mother of four children. Dharshini and her daughter Dhishni will be facilitating the workshops. Dhishni is a Year 12 graduate of Mentone Grammar with the Principles Art Award and previously Studio Art Award. She has partnered with Dharshini in founding the Hoo Gallery during her gap year before commencing Fine Arts at Monash 2022.

Hoo Gallery draws inspiration from its surrounding Hoo Garden situated in Daveys Bay, Mount Eliza. The Hoo workshops will be conducted in peace, joy, and love to bring out the best in young artists. Each workshop is limited to eight students and will run for two hours guided by the two of us. Your child is provided with the highest quality canvases, art products and material needed for each workshop. The young artists will be guided, yet allowed to bring out the best of their own, during the workshops. At this workshop, we will create a finished artwork and cover areas within the topics of composition, colour theory, art history, and art appreciation. They will feel proud of their masterpiece in each of the class they attend and take home a worthy piece to be added to your collection. If you wish, we can help organise your child's artwork to be framed by our local framer.

Dharshini's career started as an award-winning designer between 1997 and 2001, winning several national awards and starting her label in Auckland. With the birth of Dhishni in 2002, she diverted her creativity towards teaching children art and commenced a  successful art school from home while bringing up her children. Due to her growing passion for teaching children, she completed training as a primary school teacher. Dharshini now brings all of this experience, her natural creativity, knowledge of nature, spirituality and motherhood to these classes. She strives to bring out the best in your children. 


Hoo Art workshops are currently on an introductory offer of $350 for 10 classes, with two instructors and all materials provided. 


You may read on Dharshini's fashion background and art school here.

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