Super Easy & Yummy Toddler Food!

Updated: Feb 19

My son, who is ten now and an enthusiastic cook, was as a toddler a super fussy eater and then at times NOT! Once as a toddler, he even ate pasta with anchovies, olives and chilly in it!?! However, on other occasions, he won't even eat ice cream. Back then I was always on the lookout for fast but nutritious toddler food that he would like actually want to eat. Here are a couple of recipes that I tried back then that was the 'magic fix' for the day! These days, we are vegan, so we like to replace the dairy cheese we used with the great vegan cheddar options that are available at all supermarkets and use nut butter to pan fry instead of the dairy version.

Savoury French Toast

This is a quick fix meal that is nutritious and healthy that my toddler liked and even I LOVED!

You need the following ingredients. I used a homemade bean mixture, but I guess canned baked beans will work too if you are in a hurry.

You will need a bean mixture, one egg and some milk with salt and pepper, grated cheddar (I liked Tasty back then!)

Beat the egg mixture well until frothy. Get two slices of bread of your choice (but it has to be toast cut) then combine the bean mixture and cheese as shown above.

Once you sandwich the bread, you can go ahead and dip it in the egg mixture and get it well coated.

Now fry it in a saucepan with some butter. Voila! It is best served with some good ol' tomato sauce.

Blueberries with Greek Yogurt

I always like to keep several types of frozen berries, mango and banana in the freezer. These are fantastic, especially if you have the time to whip out the blender to create some instant low calorie, low sugar and low-fat ice cream made with greek yogurt(leave a comment, if you want the recipes). Today I didn't have the time to blend, all I did was heat the berries in the microwave for 30 sec or so and added the greek yogurt and added some castor sugar/honey to it. Instant hit!!! He loved the silky deliciousness, and I loved the pink and white swirls.

These days, my son likes to make his own meals! You can watch him make delicious and simple vegan recipes on our Youtube channel here.