The Tribe
  • The Tribe

    This fine art pigment ink print on 100% cotton rag archival paper is an original painting by Dharshi de Silva using homemade paints of crushed earth and charcoal. This painting is about love, loss and re-MEMBERing with those in your life that you love. Dharshi believes that the bond of love keeps certain individuals connected to us in perpetuity. When a loved one passes away, for instance, and you no longer have that physical connection, what do you believe keeps them eternally close to you as long as you should live? Dharshi thinks that it is love. Have you had the experience when you think of a loved one who had passed away, and you think of them with love in your heart, and you re-member a happy moment that you shared, in that instance, it becomes a very real experience in the dimension of your mind. It is as comforting as wrapping yourself in a warm blanket in a cold winter day, and that's how powerful, palpable and real the experience is; brought alive by being connected with love. Of course, as soon as you begin to grieve once more, you delve right back into the mindset of only feeling the loss, you begin to lose the connection once more. 


    Over the years, as we experience life with our friends and family, we begin to develop a group and increase the MEMBERS of our tribe who we make authentic connections with based on pure & unconditional love. For Dharshi, this painting serves as a guide and a reminder to open her heart always to feeling and experiencing more of this pure & unconditional love with her tribe. 


    If you would like to read more about this painting, a post is coming soon; please subscribe to Dharshi's blog here.


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