• Gaia

    This fine art pigment ink print on 100% cotton rag archival paper is an original oil painting by Dharshi de Silva.  The painting is called Gaia, from the Greek word yaia, which means earth. In Greek mythology, Gaia was the mother goddess who presided over the planet. On the left of the picture, you may notice the peace symbol because, without peace between countries and open & compassionate communication, we may not be able to revert the damage we are causing Mother Earth. First comes order then comes the process of rebuilding.  At the level of the individual without much power, it is easy to feel dejected. Dharshi believes that every person could empower themselves by teaching themselves to become an instrument of peace. How does one do that?  If they are brave enough to speak up and stand up for peace, whether it is on a public & political forum or a private setting of a household or workplace, you are an instrument of peace. If we first seek out peace within ourselves, then within our own immediate family, extend it to our workplace, community, and beyond then we are beginning to make incredible changes which at first glance may seem insignificant. To change oneself to cultivate peace within themselves may sound like a too simplistic solution for a very complex problem, but many would find that holding a space of peace within is quite a tall order in itself! 


    There are many levels of meaning within this painting, aside from what is mentioned above. If you wish to hear more, please subscribe to Dharshi's blog here.


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