The Land of Fairy
  • The Land of Fairy

    This is a fine art pigment ink print on 100 % cotton rag archival paper of an original art workl made with ink pen and watercolour by Dharshi de Silva. The painting shows a male white-winged fairy-wren, often seen in the bushland areas of Australia. It is only the male of the species that is stunningly coloured in a cobalt blue. In this artwork, this tiny and cute blue fairy-wren is depicted large, but it does allow for a great perspective of the crystalline landscape below. The Wren symbolically represents human consciousness and nature is depicted as a crystalline structure. The landscape in the artwork is devoid of trees and other natural things we commonly see on Earths surface, but instead, it looks foreign and almost alien to our planet. If you are curious and wish to know more about this painting, find it at Dharshi's blog here.

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