Number  6/11
  • Number 6/11

    This is a soft pastel on paper original artwork, number 6 in 11 of the series named 'The Dance'. It was created in honor of the Black Lives Matter 2020 civil rights movement.  I made this series to celebrate the black lives that have and still is contributing to the art of dance. Her unique contribution to the world of dance is immense.

    Number 6 is dedicated to Boney M. M. Boney M was an album that my mother played on a continuous loop in my early childhood! As a little brown girl, I loved dancing to the rhythm and the lyrics of "brown girl in the ring, tra la la la la". The group was known for their music, but boy did they dance as well! Just check out Bobby Ferrel's dance moves in the music video while singing Daddy Cool on YouTube, unique and entertaining is an understatement!


    Please note: I have colour adgusted the vibrancy of this artwork in the photo, in order for you to be able to better appreciate its details. To get a better understanding of the actual artwork please watch the video that shows its actual colouration which carries more muted tonalities.

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