Hoo Gallery Loves Australian Art

Updated: Feb 8

Introducing Australian artists that Hoo Gallery has offered its patronage and support to: Slow Bento, Artistri by Angii and Ruth Cadioli.

In the spirit of co-corporation, not competition which is a crucial component to the vision and philosophy of the Hoo Gallery, I made this video. It is my utmost pleasure to share the love around and introduce you to three Australian artists I have come to know via Instagram. You will find Hoo Gallery Instagram here. Please subscribe and share our handle with your friends and family as I post my work and exciting titbits almost daily there. In the description of this video, you will also find links to all of the artists that I feature in the video so please could you show your love and support and follow them too.

In my next blog post, I will share a key reason my deep and spiritual thoughts regarding why I think it is so essential to not only live an extraordinary, adventurous, curious, imaginative, creative and loving life for yourself but not forget to share that inner joy and light with others. It is essential to ignite the flame of creativity through supporting one another in our creative endeavours. It does not take away anything from your light to ignite the flame in another. In my next blog post, I will explain in depth why your fortune and success will not diminish due to supporting and promoting other artists.

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