Mornington Peninsula Arts and Craft

Mornington Peninsula is abundant with talented artists and creatives, this is the story of when Hoo Gallery visited Nobenti Oho at Slow Bento.

I love Instagram; even though I am not a fan of its umbrella company Meta, I will keep IG because I like that I could easily find other talented creators through the platform that live and work in my area. One such creator could be found at the handle SLOW BENTO. I instantly fell in love with her basketry and whimsical stuffed creatures. Getting in touch with her was not hard; I sent her a DM, and she quickly replied in a prompt, polite and professional manner. I say this because I have contacted other creators wishing to visit them and offer my patronage only to be received in a curt and unfriendly manner, or they'll simply direct me to their website instead of bothering with a reply. I was pleased that Slow Bento was ready to talk to me!

My daughter Dhishni had just graduated from her final year at school, and I wanted to treat her with something outside of our creative repertoire at Hoo Gallery. I looked at ceramics and basketry, since Slow Bento was so friendly and welcoming, instead of the ceramicist I contacted, basketry it was!

We were welcomed warmly to her creatively inspiring home, and we got to work. I was touched by the creators artistic, sensitive eye in all of her creations and collections within her space. She travels a lot, especially to Japan, and she brought out some exquisitely curated wares and objects that were part of her collection for us to admire.

As we worked, the conversation ran comfortably and efficiently. We learnt some skills that were more than plenty to get us started and feeling confident in creating a basic basket. We came home elated armed with some extra raffia grass and a basket which we purchased from Slow Bento.

The last photo in this photo series below is what I came home and created after the lesson. If you are inspired to try out some art and craft in the Mornington Peninsula region, please get in touch with Slow Bento here.

Handwoven basket created with scraps
Handwoven basket created with scraps

Mornington Peninsula Art and Craft Basketry
Creator at Slow Bento

Mornington Peninsula Arts and Craft Basket Weaving
Dhishni learning how to start a type of basket popular among the aboriginal culture in Australia

Mornington Peninsula Art and Culture
Beautiful objects at Slow Bento

Mornington Peninsula Artist
Slow Bento goes by the artist name Nobenti Oho

Found object collections by artist
Found object collection by Nobenti Oho

handwoven by artist Dharshi de Silva
My handwoven tea cup and saucer

Artist Dharshi de Silva
Here have a cup of tea!