Dressing Kids with Style Every Time!

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Once upon a long time ago, I used to be a fashion designer, won a couple of awards, had a shop and then settled down to do what I'm most passionate about doing that is bringing up my kids. I love to have my kids always looking really good with what they wear but don't really have the time to style their outfits each and every day. These are some of the quick magic fixes for styling kids that I tend to use:

1. I use loads of super cool headgear. From hats, caps to beanies styling starts from the head! Besides its a great way to hide my children's messy hair when I haven't had a chance to brush it before we whip out the door on our outings.

I like to accent with grey for winter.

An accent in white for summer.

I also like to accent with pink and sky blue for summer.

Occasionally, I would add pink and brown for winter.

Great summer hats that coordinate with denim.

2. I like to stick to one colour story for each season. I always only buy black, navy blue and white for winter with a few accent pieces that coordinate easily like red, silver and grey. This way, whatever they wear for that season, it always looks good when they pick their outfits each and every time. I save a heap of time by not having to pick and choose their outfits for them. Also, they are free to be creative and express themselves.

I like muted tones like beige, black and navy blue for winter jackets for boys and girls.

I also like to accent winter clothes in red.

3. I try to buy the best quality stockings and shoes I can afford. I always think that great shoes will make children look well dressed and finished.

So there you go the tricks and cheats that I use to dress my kids stylishly each and every time!

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