Surviving COVID-19: How Creativity beats Boredom

The current COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of pressure on all of us, especially on our mental health. After worrying about our health, the financial situation, the world as a whole , the mind still needs something else to occupy itself. Loneliness and boredom slips menacingly into our isolation. When Netflix finally fails to distract us and days Zooming our friends creep up into triple digits, both activities begin to lose its lustre. I believe creativity is the best company . Somehow two D people and their stories don't hold the same meaning as real people who you can see, hear and touch.

I have found the fix to appease boredom, entropy and an unhealthy mind is to do what I love and do it often.

Creativity keeps us fuelled and topped up with energy and spirit in isolation. I believe that the key to staying upbeat through this pandemic for me has been balancing my consumption of media & entertainment with productivity around my creative pursuits.

Everyone knows that I am an artist, or you wouldn't be reading this blog. Drawing every day and working on my online small business are my creative passion. The pandemic won't slow me down when it comes to my art. But even I do need a change in my creativity "outlet" now and then. Since I was trained as a fashion designer, I enjoy sewing. One could say sewing is my hobby and art is my work. When I sew, I put my full concentration on perfecting the details. I enjoy the process of creating, just loving and fully experiencing every moment spent. The resulting creation is sheer joy and so is my day.

I designed and sewed this costume for my daughter's role as Fairy Godmother in Cinderella, some years back now. I tried to give this Fairy Godmother a modern twist with a punky look that my little girl loved at the time. Sewing the costume myself meant that my imagination can come alive. I do not have to settle for someone else's vision of a fairy costume or a mass-produced one.

These days sewing skills are quite a rarity for most women (and men!), have you ever thought of using this time during the pandemic to broaden your sewing skills or perhaps take some online lessons? Made to measure clothes are so expensive when done well and well-dressed women in tailored clothing are a sight for sore eyes.

While elastic and elastane is quite trendy these days, it can never replace the elegance of a well made piece of clothing cut to the body.

Have you seen the movie or read the book The Dressmaker? According to the author, a perfectly tailored dress can potentially drive away all ills and even cover ones flaws.

I have been so enjoying my lovely little sewing nook at home. Every home that I had ever lived in had a sewing room (sometimes just a closet). Even my mother was a sewer. My upbringing and my mothers skills meant that I always appreciated and wore well made clothing.

It is always a pleasure to walk into my sewing room, look around and admire its abundant and productive setting. The Machines, the shining tools, buttons like treasures in a jewellery box and threads in all colour and shape looking like candy clamouring for my attention. The neatly folded bright and patterned fabrics like wrapped Xmas presents beckon me to come and unravel them.

I sew some of my clothes, including the one I'm wearing here.

When that sound of the sewing machine begins to fill the silence, I slip into a blissful meditation and one stitch at a time, something new begins its journey towards its creation. All the troubles of the world slip my mind, and I become immersed in making.

If you aren't sure where to begin your creative journey, here is a wonderfully comprehensive list of creative activities that will get you started today!

Tell me, what is your passion? Are you still able to pursue your passion since the pandemic? Do you also believe that creativity could be the key to help you get through these testing times?