Finding your Tribe

I believe that the bond of love keeps certain individuals connected to us in perpetuity, even in times of isolation such as these. Covid-19, quarantine and self isolation may keep us away from our tribe on a physical sense but not in spirit. Why and how is this possible? and why do we never feel isolated from the people that are part of our own tribe? The answer lies in the most powerful energy in the universe, LOVE!

This painting is about love, loss and re-MEMBER-ing with those in your life that you love. Re-membering means reconnecting with those you know with love. For example, when a loved one passes away, and you lose that physical connection, what exactly keeps them bonded and alive in your heart? It is your love for them, isn't it? Have you had the experience when you think of a loved one who had passed away, with love in your heart, and you re-Member a happy moment that you shared? In that instance, it becomes a palpable experience in the dimension of your mind. It is as comforting as wrapping yourself in a warm blanket on a cold winters day.

Re-Membering a person that way is very powerful and it is as real as real can be; the happy moment is brought alive by being connected through the power of love.

Of course, as soon as you begin to grieve the loss once more, you delve right back into the mindset of feeling a loss. You begin to lose the re-Membering connection once more. The re-Membering connection could get lost forever with grief. Re-Membering with a tribe member could also be lost with anger, hate, envy, jealousy or any other negative emotion that we are all too familiar with as human-beings. One must always practise compassion and keep love in our hearts to keep and expand our re-Membering tribe members!

Over the years, as we experience life with our friends and family, we begin to develop a group and increase the "MEMBERS" of our tribe. We hope to make authentic connections and create experiences based on pure & unconditional love. Fo me, this painting serves as a guide and a reminder. I hope that it will open our hearts to love. I hope and pray that you feel and experience more and more of this pure & unconditional love with your tribe.

The above artwork that I want to share with you today, is offered in my shop as a limited edition fine art pigment ink print on 100% cotton rag archival paper. It is an original artwork by me, in which I used homemade paints of crushed earth and charcoal to create this artwork which I named The Tribe. You could purchase it here.

I believe that one does not need fancy tools or expensive art supplies to create art. I believe that the essential ingredient in creating art though is LOVE.

Below are examples of ways that I chose to style my prints of The Tribe. They are all pictures that were taken from real life settings in my home and the Hoo Gallery; Mount Eliza. I believe that this print is perfect for those who like to interior decorate with earthy tones or use a more subdued and peaceful colour palette. You may even like to hang this artwork with other earth toned artwork that I created using all natural materials such as 'Heart Wide Open' and 'True or False'. Basically, I am just so excited for you to love and appreciate this art work and its deeper meaning as much as I do. I hope that The Tribe serves as a reminder to appreciate and show gratitude to your own tribe in your life. I also pray that you open your heart and mind to receiving and re-membering with more and more tribe members in the years to come.

Bless you all, be safe, stay home and please re-Member to wear a mask when you are out.

Sending you all tonnes of love!