The Story of Quan Yin

One of my favourite paintings; the artwork shows a beautifully serene goddess holding two bottles in her hands. The etheric substance that flow in and out of her bottles is compassion. Compassion is an emotion that one cannot teach. One either has compassion within their heart, or they do not. Quan Yin is a goddess of compassion; she gives compassion to others so that once it has touched their heart, they know what it feels like to hold compassion within them. This painting is non-secular, which means it is suitable for any manner of home. My husband even has this painting at his doctors surgery and many patients have noticed her calm and peaceful face. She sends the message that 'all is well and as it should be'. It will add to your home a reminder to open your heart, connect to your true nature which is love and allow for nature's spirit to flow into you to heal your mind and body.

Quan Yin is part of The Spirit Collection available at the Hoo Gallery. Surprisingly, I painted the entire collection within a month or two. The story of Quan Yin is worth sharing. The truth is I did not know anything about Quan Yin when I painted her. Her spirit came to me and flowed out thru my brush, and I depicted her as holding two bottles. When I was painting her, I did not know her name or the message or meaning. Within a few weeks later, I happen to be watching a house tour of Larry Dossey M.D. In his living room, he points out a beautiful statue of a woman holding a bottle! I am shocked naturally! I love when these happy coincidences happen; this is my evidence of a greater unseen force operating all around us. For the first time in my life, I hear the name Quan Yin, as Dr Dossey explains what she represents and the symbolic meaning of the bottle.

Dr Dossey's home in Santa Fe, New Mexico is so creative, spiritual and beautiful; that it is well worth a watch. I will link the video here:

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