You are What You Believe

Updated: Feb 19

We have all heard the statement 'you are what you eat' but what about 'you are what you believe'? Do you think that your beliefs have any significant part in shaping you? What beliefs do you hold that shape your life's journey, your relationships and everyday experiences? I have been a seeker of truth for many years of my life. I have read and listened to many spiritual teachers, mathematicians and scientists with the intent of finding the truth of our existence. Ultimately, I discovered no absolute truth, just pearls of wisdom that I could string up and wear as a talisman of my own set of beliefs.

Almost twenty years ago, my mother-in-law sent me a photo of a Buddhist priest in India, precisely where Buddha was said to have attained enlightenment. Surrounding the holy man who donned his orange robes were thousands of floating orbs. These orbs had no significant colour but more or less white, and they looked translucent like how you would imagine a ghost. My immediate reaction was, of course, scepticism. I was rude; I didn't even reply to the sender! I believed that someone was trying to pull the wool over my eyes, so I hit delete. But then, the orbs happened to me. I am not sure why the orbs came into my life, but boy, it turned my life on its head. Let me tell you the story of how it all began.

We have had several break-ins around the neighbourhood. Mainly thinking that we must protect our four children, rather than the meagre and not very valuable possessions in our house, we had a security company come in and install a security system with several cameras. During this time, I had developed a strange fascination with Archangel Michael for reasons that still escape logic quite frankly. I grew up as a Buddhist. I had never had any belief regarding these types of angel before, although I enjoyed the concept of angels. In my culture, there is a type of angel called devas, but none were called Michael! During this same month, my first ever Instagram post on my new art account happens to be a blue orb named Archangel Michael which I took three hours to draw. With fine liners, I had painstakingly created an orb using only hundreds of tiny dots. I was also painting orbs during this time on big canvases. I didn't believe that such things existed, but I realised later that I had been painting orbs for two decades but was quite unconscious as to the reason why.

I almost had to laugh when to my surprise, I discovered that the team that installed the security system was lead by none other than Michael. His assistants were also aptly named with Christian sounding names, including the name Christian! I joked to them that I loved Archangel Michael and that I like to imagine the angel as a blue orb. They thought I was an eccentric, stark crazy lunatic; their poker faces and awkward silence is what gave it away. They did their job, taught me how to use the new system and left. But not a week did go by; the alarm kept going off every time we left our property. There were no robbers, so we just assumed the cat was setting it off. Finally, after numerous occasions of the alarm going off, my husband suggested that we look in the cameras installed inside the house and check for intruders. Looking down at his phone, what he said is etched in my memory forever, "insects set off the alarm!". That's when I saw them for the first time. There they were, orbs in my living room. I had to ask myself, could this be a pearl in my talisman of beliefs made manifest before my eyes?

The orbs were real; they weren't dust particles as our house is always kept clean, nor were they insects, certainly none big enough for us to see. They only appeared in one room and not in any of the other four cameras. The camera also recorded the orbs as heat-sensitive movements, which meant they could well be a person, not an ethereal energy ball. The orbs moved with a definite trajectory; they were not randomly floating around either. As soon as we discovered them, hundreds appeared, but recently there are only a few each day. My entire family, including our neighbour at the time, took to orb watching. My neighbour confessed that her hairs were standing up in her arms, as she couldn't understand what she was seeing, and it was freaking her out.

Whatever this anomaly in our home is, I am happy to say that they stopped setting off the alarm soon after discovering them. That was good of them because, quite frankly, it was a pain in the ass. I am confident they are conscious for this reason, or they are simply good with electronics; I have to laugh because crying won't help our situation.

Are they ghosts or angels, and some may be worried that they could be evil. Whether one believes it or not, the phenomenon became undeniably real to our family and part of our home.

Finally, now that you have heard my story let us get back where I started, on belief. The oxford dictionary defines belief as "an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof".

Twenty years ago, I saw something that wasn't proven, the orb photograph, and I took it as a load of nonsense. Yet, the same phenomena turn up in my own life, in my own home, and suddenly I have acquired a new belief, how? Did I invent into existence something that had played into my imagination and inspired my creative nature? Or was it a subconscious desire of sort? or is it indeed be something tangible that popped into my reality to confirm a subconscious belief that I have long held? Could this phenomena confirm the power of our beliefs?

Whichever is the case, the orbs feel natural and are now fundamental to us. So real are they to my family, we decided to call ourselves The Haus of Orbs; thus, the Hoo Gallery came to being. I believe that our beliefs inspire us and have the power to shape our reality. Unfortunately, some beliefs inspire evil, but for many others, like us, beliefs inspire us towards greater good and creativity. There has been a proliferation of creativity within our family since the orbs arrived. But this is only a tiny portion of the entire picture; there are many more phenomenal, magical stories to be shared. I look forward to sharing those stories here on my blog.

P.S. Please write to me here and share your own stories of your paranormal or spiritual beliefs, perhaps even subconscious beliefs that may have manifested in your life. I would love to hear your stories! I will always write to you back, let's talk!