Mother and Child

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

To me, the most significant relationship in the world is between the Mother or Mother figure and child. The role of a mother carries with it a powerful force in the life of the child or children. Depending on how unconditionally loving a mother is, she has the power to uplift and elevates the child to his or her greatest potential.

Notice that in this picture, the child appears out of the left shoulder of the Mother. One could also view it as a child 'resting' on the shoulder of the Mother. The Mother has chosen to lift the child above her and allow the child to get a broader, more clear perspective. The relationship between this Mother and Child appear to be a symbiotic one. The word symbiosis comes from the Greek sym and bios, which translated means together and life, or life working together. The kind of symbiotic relationship of this Mother and child is of two entities working together for a mutually beneficial positive result. I view this kind of connection to be an ideal Mother and child relationship.

The artwork depicts an ideal symbiotic relationship. Mother and child in this picture live on or near the body of the other. It can be viewed as not a parasitic relationship. Instead, it is one that performs a beneficial service to one another. Similar to the remora fish that attach themselves to the bodies of whales and sharks, this child, like a remora, does not harm the Mother nor take or 'expect' anything from her other than what she is naturally able to provide unconditionally. The child is merely hitchhiking a ride on the back of the Mother. The Mother is acting as a facilitator and mentor to the child. The Mother is simply someone to observe and learn with and from together as a team.

I am not attempting to pontificate on what an ideal parent-child relationship should look or feel like for a Mother & child. In this painting, my only desire is to share a vision of what I believe is a perfect situation for myself and my children.