The Land of Fairy

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

The essential message imparted in this artwork is a narrative about 'conscious' creation. The meaning of consciousness, here, is the energy of awareness and intelligence. There is a consciousness in nature. Earth has an innate intelligence that drives it to find balance; natures primary directive is to find balance. As humans, we often try to interfere with Mother Earth's directive or desire to find this balance. Think of how our wants and desires cause the deforestation of precious & necessary rainforests without which the planet would soon seize to exist as a 'paradise' thriving with life.

Why is nature depicted as crystalline? I see the landscape as a type of paradise. Crystalline structures are immensely balanced and orderly. As you know, crystals can store, receive and emit energy at a very stable frequency. The danger is when we move or remove the delicate balance of nature or interfere with the delicate balance of nature's crystalline consciousness.

I believe that this painting represents the delicate balance of nature in its natural form. The harnessing of the inherent strengths and resources offered to us by Mother Earth should not be abused and restructured to look different from its original form.

If you wish to purchase a print of this original art by me, please note the following:

* you will be getting an archival ink print on high-quality cotton rag paper stock

* if you frame the print under museum grade glass and acid-free mounting, the print will last 100 or more years without fading. We are happy to arrange the framing for you. Contact me here:

* the print will be accompanied by a seal and certificate of authenticity. The Hahnemühle Certificate of Authenticity is designed to protect the security and genuineness of your purchase and reduce the risk of forgery.

Each certificate will be made of premium deckle-edged mould-made paper with a Hahnemühle watermark and fluorescent security fibres. A serialized numbered hologram will be added. A second, identically numbered hologram will be applied to the reverse side of the print.

The combination of certificate and hologram assures that each Certificate of Authenticity relates to your purchase.

* your purchase will be registered with your unique serial number belonging only to your shopping online at