Throwback Thursday #1

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

It was a last-minute decision to go to my final year ball. I fashioned an old sari from my mothers closet into a Victorian skirt, and I asked for pearl straps, and a cowl neck and my Mother whipped it out overnight.

Boldly did I walk dead alone into the ballroom because no boy bothered to ask me to the ball. I could not have been too unpopular because the kids did vote me the 'belle of the ball'. Later the cutest boy at school did ask me for a dance much to the chagrin of his girlfriend who probably should have won in the first place.

There was no limo, no alcohol-induced before or after-party for me. I wore a grandma-style mohair cardi for goodness sakes, I was indeed "different" even then, but I embraced it and unafraid to be uniquely me!

That night I went home laughing, blissed-out clutching my cash price, wishing to buy my Mother something nice with it. It was a dope night for the last-minute decision made was good!

Happy Thursday, folks! I wish you peace, joy & love all day and every day!