Throwback Thursday #2

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Welcome to Throwback Thursday #2:

Todays story took place on x’mas eve in 2009. The little girl on the right with the pink dot dress was busking with her violin that morning on Cuba Street in Wellington; New Zealand. Her name is Dhishni, she is my daughter. Kusama was showing her groundbreaking work in her exhibition Mirrored Years at the City Gallery Wellington.

The little girls art crazy mother made her family take the pilgrimage to the City Gallery that afternoon. They walked into the polka dotted building dazed and a little giddy after taking in ‘Dots for Love and Peace (seen in this pic). The young man at the ticket counter with blond hair and a twinkle in his eyes noticed the little angel with the tinsel halo holding the the very tiny, brown & battered violin case. The x’mad spirit was wafting in the air and with a chuckle he suggested “So okay, you’ve been busking? Play me a piece and I’d let your family in to the show for free” And so the little girl reached into the tiny, brown and battered case and pulled out her violin. She played her best rendition of ‘Lightly Row’ that day.

The sound of strings reverberated throughout the hollow chambers of the gallery. Curious visitors to the gallery on every mezzanine floor came over to their balcony, there would have been at least a hundred or more pairs of eyes peering down at us. At the end of the last note, everyone clapped and cheered, the sound quite deafening, her little brown eyes widened with surprise.

The young man came good on his promise, the little girl saved her parents a tidy sum and we viewed one of the most seminal work ever created by a female artist. It was a most memorable day for the little girl who on that day ignited her dream of becoming an artist and found her favourite artist in Kusama!

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