Twin Flame or Double Trouble?

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

The term twin flames or twin souls refer to the rare occasion when two beings come together and have an instant or intuitive feeling of connection. They say that it may feel like a "coming home" when you first see your twin flame. There is an instant & strong feeling that destiny brought the twin flames together.

One of the key characteristics of a twin flame relationship is that the early stages of the union are filled with turmoil, challenges, and pain, as the two begin to blend their energy and begin to heal each other's past wounds.

Sometimes, they say that in these early stages that even a separation may take place for a short time as the two heal and address their shadow side. However, this separation does not hinder the connection, as their powerful & shared connection overcome any physical separation. The good news is that once this 'hump' is overcome, the twin flames then could go on to have the most incredibly loving and transformational relationship imaginable.

I created the watercolour and ink drawing Twin Flames in dedication to a pair of Eastern Rosella that were regular visitors at my garden at HOO Gllaery. They were never far from each other, each following the other whether they are resting on a branch or flying high in the sky. A few springs ago, I watched as the pair built a nest just outside our front door. They worked together side by side; lovingly built their nest and nurtured their offsprings. When I intuitively named this painting 'Twin Flames', I did not realise how appropriately the lorikeets acted as a symbol of this term.

In spiritual communities and also in the aboriginal cultures, the rainbow lorikeet is regarded as a spirit animal that brought about a

powerful affirmation of transformation.

Eastern Rosella represent to me the transcendence of negativity, also of crossing boundaries, and venturing into the unknown. It is why I use them as a symbol to describe twin flame relationships!

In the painting, the pair of love birds hang in the opposite direction to each other. The symbology therefore is perfect as twin flames are not supposed to reflect each other. They balance each other by their differences, unique strengths and weaknesses rather than being alike. The way the birds are drawn in this image may also remind you of certain familiar symbols. The first is the symbol for Pisces, the last sign of the twelve signs of the zodiac. The Pisces symbol is often shown as two fish swimming in opposite directions. Pisces being a water sign, the symbolic meaning of this image is the ability of Pisces to 'go with the flow'. For the twin flame relationship to succeed, it is imperative that the lovers can flow with the changes.This flow is important in turbulent times not to be too controlling & stick in the mud. This flow state is also a considerable emphasis with Chinese philosophy and its famous symbol Yin Yang.

Ying Yang Symbol

Similar to the Pisces symbol, in the Yin Yang symbol the black and white are two opposing forces flow opposite and away from each other . On the other hand, it could also be seen to flow into one another in an ever-changing cycle of two opposing colours. If you look at my Twin Flames painting, you will see iconography similar to that of the yin yang symbol. The eyes of the parrots are equal to the dots and the tails of the parrots are similar to the waning portion of the symbol.

Yin can be thought of like night, and Yang can be thought of as day. Yin represents female, or the moon and Yang, therefore is Masculine or the Sun. As an analogy, the feminine aspect Yin could be thought of as a quiet and languidly flowing river water. The Yang is the masculine aspect likened to the torrential flow of the noisy waterfall. Notice that the waterfall is the calm river which is Yin but shows up at that moment as a showoff, which is the waterfall the Yang. Yin cannot exist without Yang and vice versa. The balance and harmony of these two opposites of the same coin make life ever so enjoyable.

Life as we know it will not exist, if not for the perfect balance of Earth's Yin and Yang. For us, as humans living on Earth, we are essentially a "microcosm" which co-exist within the "macrocosm" which is our Earth or Mother Gaia. Therefore, we too would be wise to find & balance the Yin & Yang aspects within us and our relationships with others.Once we find that balance with our twin flames, we could then flourish and grow to our fullest potential.

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