DNA Activation

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

In this painting, you will notice that the colour is burning into her, giving us the impression that a colourful light explosion outside is taking hold of her. What she is experiencing is a DNA activation!

Did you know that our DNA could be read like a book? DNA has its language much like the words we use to communicate meaning. DNA follows the same rules as our human languages and could be likened to a data storage or communication device. Furthermore, DNA is said to emit light! So, in essence, we are like walking beacons of light undetected by the naked eye. You may be fascinated by this knowledge, and I recommend that you read up on the Russian scientists who had made these discoveries on Google perhaps.

From the Russian scientists, you will also learn that we could modulate and transform, say an embryo, not by cutting into and re-arranging its DNA strands but instead by making changes to it non-invasively. By applying light and radio frequencies to DNA, scientists have been able to modify the DNA of a frog embryo into becoming one of a salamander! This science may then explain why thoughts of gratitude and positive intent had been evidenced by many to have healing power, as well a transformative effect on peoples lives. Could our DNA, activated by our words and intention which carry a frequency, heal and change our reality? Something to ponder on?

You may well be aware, as humans, we only use two strands of DNA, although we have twelve strands of DNA within our being. The unused ones are generally considered junk DNA by many scientists. Now imagine that we activate all of this DNA. Would we be able to finally visually see the light that is said to emit from DNA, should we activate all 12 of our DNA strands? Indeed, very sensitive people, as well as 'Kirlian photography' can see the light that emits from us. Kirlian will take the photo of us, with only two strands of DNA activated and it looks like a cloud or a puff of colour. Theosophists call this the etheric body. Call it what you may, imagine the look on peoples faces when you walk around the street with all 12 of your DNA activated?

Courtesy of Radiant Human

Perhaps the girl smiles because it is just a matter of time before she shines brighter than a star!

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